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Warsaw, Poland, Hans Frank with German soldiers finding Jews who were hiding in a bunker during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943.
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Hans Frank was Hitler's personal lawyer and from 1939 Governor-General of Poland. He was one of the 22 defendants in the Nuremberg Trial and was found guilty of war crimes. He was hung on October 1, 1946. The photograph was taken from the Stroop Report. The Stroop Report was an album prepared by SS General Jurgen Stroop detailing the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Stroop assumed control of the liquidation and suppressed the Uprising. The album contains photographs from April and May of 1943. A copy, in a leather album, was sent to the central command of Heinrich Himmler describing the victory of the Germans after 27 days of fighting with approximately 1,200 men from the SS, Wehrmacht and Police and heavy artillery including tanks. The Report is in three sections: The progress and conclusion of the German Operations; Collection of plans and daily reports; and a series of about 52 photographs, some with hand written captions by Stroop himself. Three copies were made, one for Himmler, Kruger and Stroop. The albums were found after the war and are kept in The Bundesarchiv in Koblenz, The National Archive in Washington and the Main Crimes Commission in Warsaw. The Stroop Report was used extensively in the Nuremberg Trials and also for the trial of Stroop by a Warsaw Court. Stroop was found guilty and hanged in September, 1951.
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Warsaw, Poland, Hans Frank with German soldiers finding Jews who we...
roman_m: Wrong claim, the officer in the foreground with googles is not Hans Frank. Only Jürgen Stroop can bee seen in the background. Frank did not wear a SS - uniform he wasn´t even a SS member.