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Warsaw, Poland, Jews captured by SS and SD troops during the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943.
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Numerous people have identified the boy with the raised hands in the foreground as either Arthur Domb Semiontek, Israel Rondel, Tsvi Nussbaum or Levi Zeilinwarger, but none of these identifications can be conclusively corroborated. The little girl on the left is Hanka Lamet (See Pages of Testimony). Her mother, Matylda Lamet Goldfinger, is second from the left. Leo Kartuzinsky, son of Hershel Kartuzinsky and Kaila Erlich, is the boy in the back carrying the sack (See Pages of Testimony). The woman in the front is Chana Zeilinwarger. The SD trooper shown second from the right, is SS-Rottenfuehrer Josef Bloesche, who was identified by Polish authorities using this photograph. Bloesche was tried for war crimes by a Polish court in 1969 He was sentenced to death and executed in July of that year. The photograph was taken from the Stroop Report. The Stroop Report was an album prepared by SS Major General Juergen Stroop, commander of the German forces which liquidated the Warsaw ghetto, to document the suppression of the ghetto uprising in the spring of 1943. Commissioned by Friedrich Wilhelm Krueger, Higher SS and Police Leader in Krakow, and bound in leather, the report was intended as a souvenir album for Heinrich Himmler to celebrate the hard won victory, which took twenty days and 1,200 SS, Wehrmacht and police troops to accomplish. The Stroop Report consists of three parts: an introduction and summary of SS operations, a collection of daily communiques, and a series of approximately 52 photographs. Three albums were prepared: for Himmler, Krueger and Stroop, all of which were recovered after the war. One of them was introduced as evidence at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg and later published under the title, "The Stroop Report." The albums --which bear slight discrepancies in the number of photos they contain-- are currently located at the National Archives (Washington), the Bundesarchiv (Koblenz), and the Main Crimes Commission
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Warsaw, Poland, Jews captured by SS and SD troops during the suppre...