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Auschwitz, Poland, 1941, A bridge over the Sola River, near Camp I.
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Yad Vashem Photo Archive
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This album depicts the construction of camps Auschwitz I and Birkenau, the light industry zones between the camps and the surrounding agricultural areas. The album was prepared by the construction management of the SS (Waffen SS und Polizei Bauleitung) as general documentation of the project. The copy of the album found at Yad Vashem is probably one of several copies that were prepared and distributed. The album was analyzed in 1996 and compared to aerial photographs of the area from the years 1944-1945 (Collection 942) and the Auschwitz Album (FA-268). Photographs of the four crematoria of Birkenau can be found at the end of this album. There is information about the Bauleitung and the circumstances of the creation of this album in the documentation of the Auschwitz trial in Frankfurt which is found in the Yad Vashem Archives, TR.10/1119.3. Most of the photographs appearing in this album, and additional photographs, also appear in Collection 5720.
Otto Dov Kulka
Yad Vashem
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Otto Dov Kulka
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SS Photographer
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Item 128 of 386 (Photo)
Auschwitz, Poland, 1941, A bridge over the Sola River, near Camp I....